a company with a Vision


Our Story

Our story began in 2017 when our Founder, Ian Inman came back from his Africa deployment. He wanted to start an outdoors brand that brought together a community of outdoorsmen and women who live by a set of values. His vision was simple, create a community that’s empowered when they are outdoors and in nature. The brand was steadily growing until Ian had to deploy in 2019 to Afghanistan where all progress and production was halted. Upon his return, he built a CountryNav team to prevent this from happening again. His wife-Lindsey, Dad-Bill, and one of his best friends- Nick joined the team ready to kickstart the brand again until 2020 came around. Anyone who knows anything about business knows the right product at the right time is a powerful combination and starting an outdoors company during a national lockdown didn’t make sense. With the extra time, the strategy was built and ready to be executed in 2021. Here we are today, ready to go all in and turn this into a nationally recognized brand. You might be asking yourself why we wouldn’t want to go international and it’s simple. American blood runs deep within our veins and the American outdoorsmen and women are our people. We have no intentions on go abroad and are focused on providing a high-quality product to the American outdoors industry. Join us today in celebrating the love of American wilderness by supporting a family and veteran owned small business. We look forward to seeing you around!

The Vision:

“To inspire and welcome others to the great outdoors while teaching them the traditions, skills, and values required to preserve our way of life.”